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Set of 4 Porcelain Markers Food Labels & 15 Bamboo Skewers Cocktail Sticks with Cotton Drawstring Bag

PORCELAIN MARKERS HELP GUESTS IDENTIFY PARTY FOOD - Recommend complimentary Cheese and wine combinations. Label the types of cheese being served. Sandwich ingredients, BBQ meats and Sauces, cake identification or decoration. Guests with allergies / intolerance of gluten, dairy, egg etc avoid having to ask about ingredients. Let Vegetarians and vegans know what is available without them having to peer into sandwiches etc. Alternative use as classy garden herb, plant pot & seedling markers stakes

THE FIFTEEN JAPANESE ORIENTAL STYLE COCKTAIL PICK / SKEWERS are 12 cm (4.5”) long so can even be used for club sandwiches. They are strong and have a sharp point for easy piercing with a flat edge to stop food rotating. As with all wooden skewers when using in an oven we suggest you soak before hand to prevent scorching. These reusable sticks are easily washable for multiple usage (or can be used in the garden). After the party store all twenty items in the durable natural muslin bag.

QUALITY CONTENTS - Includes four super white fired porcelain markers. All labels are made from durable porcelain with a food safe glaze which is both microwave and dishwasher safe. A gold coloured pen is also included in the well presented coloured marker box set. The ink resists smudging and rain water but can easily be hand washed clean with soapy water. Knotted cocktail sticks / food skewers are naturally splinter free Bamboo whilst the muslin drawstring storage bag is made from 100% cotton

TRUELY ECO FRIENDLY - Bamboo is the fastest growing wood with an unrivalled growth rate of over 10 cm a day requiring very little water. It produces 35% more oxygen then trees and does not require chemicals or pesticides to grow. The organic material will not affect the flavour of your food, it has no unpleasant odours. The 100% natural cotton bags are also bio degradable safe and non toxic. Both are washable multi purpose and reusable. The porcelain markers are robust and can last a lifetime.

PERFECT SIZE AND EASY TO USE - The markers are 9.5 cm (3.75") long with strong pointy tips for use on even the hardest of cheeses / foods. This longer than average tip helps the markers stand out and enables use in soft foods. The head of the marker is well over 6 cm (2.5") wide, which enables you to write several words when necessary. The 13 cm (5") gold coloured pen writes clearly, dry erase within a minute / anti smudge. Bamboo sticks are 12 cm (4.5”) and the muslin bag 15 cm (6”) X 10 cm (4”)

Perfect for the safest / allergy friendly / food preference considerate Christmas buffet, party or special occasion. These elegant fired porcelain markers avoid the need for guests to investigate and touch food they don’t intend to eat. Makes people feel their food lifestyle choice or intolerance has been appreciated. The perfect way to present a cheese plate or recommend complementary cheese and wine combinations. These stylish handmade Japanese style oriental food skewers / picks available for each individual guest prevent unhygienic cross contamination. They are robust enough to be thoroughly washed and dried then reused at a later date. Made from natural food grade bamboo they are long and strong enough to support all types of party food which add style to your presentation. Great for mini sausages, club sandwiches, fruit and other buffet / tapas food. An innovative and fun way to spice up your food and impress your guests. Avoids chalk (dust from the slate / chalk sets) falling onto and contaminating the food below. The marker gift box packaging is designed to prevent postal damage to the porcelain markers. Locally sourced wool is used to minimise both unnecessary packaging and the environmental footprint. They are robust enough to enable thorough washing and drying to be used at a later date. BPA free, chemical free and non toxic and bio degradable (along with the muslin bag) at the end of life. British design and supply activities produced exclusively for Tru Bamboo in the South Eastern Bamboo forests of China. First class customer service. We offer a full no quibble refund or replacement for any defective or damaged items.

A beautiful gift this set has a wide range of applications with at least eight different uses. Ideal for safer birthdays, weddings, engagement parties, BBQ’s, anniversaries, housewarmings, tea parties or as a Christmas stocking filler. Also perfect for gardening seed identification and initial seedling plant support.

Christmas Tableware 4 Porcelain Food Markers & 15 Bamboo Cocktail Sticks

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