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Extra Large Bamboo Cheese Board with Integrated Speciality Knife Cutlery Tool Compartment made from 100% Natural Premium Moso Bamboo


Cheese is always a crowd pleaser at parties, however, serving it can be a challenge when serving a variety of cheeses. 

Tru Bamboo's solution provides the largest cheese cutting area available from a UK based supplier.

There are several hundred  types of cheese you can serve to guests when entertaining, Tru Bamboo's complete serving solution avoids using just any old knife to slice your gourmet cheese. This ensures your snack, appetiser or desert looks as good as it tastes.

Constructed entirely from beautiful Moso Bamboo (baked to bring out the natural grain ) its rich brown colour provides a warm and elegant touch to your decor. Blends perfectly with any table setting and its compact design makes for easy storage.

                                      The board and cheese tool set includes:


Cheese board (cutting surface available in the UK 45 x 22 x 5 cm / almost 18 x 9 x 2"

1 x Stubby bladed knife, distinctive for cutting Parmesan/ hard cheese.

1 x Narrow knife for slicing semi soft cheese, such as Stilton.

1 x Curved short knife for soft cheese, such as Brie.

1 x Two pronged fork, ideal for picking up pieces from a shared cheese board.


A fully removable drawer neatly conceals the three nested knives and cheese fork (6cm / 2.5inches) 

All four tools are made from stainless steel for a long lasting finish, with beautifully lacquered bamboo handles.

Bamboo is stronger than Maple wood and each piece of this cheese board set is made to the highest quality standard to ensure they pass the test of time.

With the tool drawer removed for display its clever design still provides a sturdy cutting surface (without instability) even when cutting the hardest cheese.

Extremely Eco-friendly this board is 100% constructed from naturally fast growing / sustainable bamboo.

This stylish serving solution makes it an ideal gift for any occasion. A splendid piece for entertaining friends and family.

Environmentally friendly Moso Bamboo is an all natural BPA free option for preparing and serving cheese. This hard, Non-porous material repels dangerous bacteria giving optimal food hygiene. It is great for the environment, sustainable and renewable with the most astounding growth rate (of up to 12 CM every day). This helps to stabilise Eco systems soaking up a huge amount of CO2. Like all bamboo it replenishes over one third more Oxygen than equivalent sized tree plantations

Premium Moso Bamboo Extra Large Cheese Board & Knife Set

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