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  • Soggy bottoms and burnt edges are a thing of the past. Natural cordierite pizza stones are porous, absorbing moisture from the dough and baking from the bottom up. 15 mm is the perfect thickness for distribution heat to get that delicious extra crispy pizza base.  


  • Includes a unique complete care kit to help prevent and remove burnt pizza or toppings from your stone.


  • A five-piece set with 1 X high-quality scraper,1 X scouring pad and enough bicarbonate powder for five treatments (to avoid using detergents which affect the flavour of your food).


  • 1X Sheet of parchment paper to transfer pizza onto the stone without toppings sliding onto it (or you burning your hands). Also included is a user manual with the top twenty stone and usage hacks.  


  • Premium pizza stone made from high-quality natural cordierite material, LFGB and FDA approved. Able to withstand three times higher temperatures than basic ceramic stones, without cracking. Superior durability and excellent thermal shock resistance. Heat-safe up to 850 °C. Like most pizza stones this is suitable for use on all BBQs and ovens over 200 °C. 


  • Dimensions 38 x 30 x1.5 cm it will fit all conventional oven sizes and BBQ's easily holds a large family pizza Besides baking fresh pizzas, this pizza set can be used for cooking bread, calzone, pies cookies and focaccia etc.


A truly unforgettable gift, this stylish elegant durable pizza stone is packaged in a strong and attractive gift box set. Personal messaging and gift wrapping available. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and if you're not 100% satisfied message / contact us directly full no quibble refund


Spoil your friends and family with fresh homemade pizza. Pizza stones are well-known for their ability to deliver mouth-watering Italian style pizzas with a perfectly crispy crusty base. Our pizzeria pizza stone helps you create quality authentic Italian tasting, evenly cooked crispy pizzas in your home just like restaurant brick oven pizzas.


This cutting-edge cordite pizza stone is much more durable than basic ceramic stones and possesses robust thermal stability can with stand reaching temperatures up to 850 °C, It retains enough heat and distributes it evenly for an optimal cooking experience just like a traditional brick oven. This premium pizza stone works great in all conventional ovens, BBQs and pizza ovens.


The stone retains heat during the cooking process and releases it quickly to give your pizza the perfect brown, crispy crust that you always crave.


Making the perfect pizza with this pizza stone is easy! The stone retains the heat and then transfers it to the food being cooked for an even bake. The pizza stone should be heated to a temperature of 250-300 degrees (No pizza stones work well with very low-temperature ovens - less than 200 C). Once the stone is heated, place the pizza on it or transfer with our supplied piece of baking parchment paper and make sure that air can circulate around the stone, don't place it directly on the base of the oven.


This is the only pizza stone which includes a free five-piece care kit. It ensures you can correctly remove residual pizza and avoids detergent being absorbed into the  stone (which otherwise would create a smell in your kitchen and alter the taste of your pizza). It also avoids the need to soak your pizza stone in water (which would adversely affect all moisture absorbing stones). The sheet of parchment paper included allows you to safely move your pizza from the counter top onto the preheated stone without the toppings sliding off. A care / user manual with the top twenty pizza stone hints also includes a QR link to a video, as well as a wiki how link for care and usage instructions.


The Pizza stone won't break in transit as it is protected in a well packaged box (gift wrapping / messaging available). A universally appealing perfect gift so resilient it will last for years. Allows any pro or home pizza chef to achieve their full potential in the kitchen or on the BBQ.









Pizza Oven Taste - Large cordierite baking stone with 5 piece cleaning care kit

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