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Suitable for porous / moisture absorbing pizza stones (such as cordierite). This care kit removes residual food, avoids the detergent being absorbed into the pizza stone and cracking due to water absorption.


Light weight, hard wearing plastic scraper, easy to handle to dislodge any melted cheese or debris off the pizza stone quickly and without scratching. Made of durable polycarbonate plastic. Measure approx.  6 X 7.8 cm


This scouring pad and food removing paste will help get rid of unwanted cheese / pizza crust etc.  Made with baking soda it will remove pizza residue without using detergent (so as not to affect the flavour of your food). Enough for five treatments.


A sheet of parchment paper allows you to transfer your freshly made pizza, bread and pastries onto the pre - heated stone without toppings sliding onto it (or you burning your hands).


In addition to the scraper, Scourer, baking soda and parchment paper an instruction manual contains QR code video and Wiki How website link for your pizza stone`s maintenance. Also enclosed pizza stone


All Pizza stones have leopard spots, caused by food residue from cooking delicious pizzas they are stamps of good times. It is not only normal for a stone to appear stained or darker in colour but actually helps you cook better pizzas because a darkened pizza stone means more seasoning. And the discolouration isn’t really reversible just part of the character.  A pizza stone is a great tool but you have to be a little careful on how you clean it.


  Here is an easy way to clean your stone without damaging it.



The pizza stone retains the heat for a long time so make sure it is cool before cleaning. From the pizza stone care kit use the plastic scrapper with short hand movements, this removes any excess food from the cordierite pizza stone (this will not damage the stone). Use a damp cloth to wipe away. Do not submerge the pizza stone in water as this will crack. As the pizza stone is porous and will absorb the water. The pizza stone needs to be bone dry so it gives you the crusty bubbly texture. Pizza stone can survive extreme temperatures this kills off any germs or bacteria before cooking your pizza. It is still a good idea to clean your stone after each use. 

Creating a paste with the baking soda and water (1 table spoon of each) gently rub the paste with the Scourer onto the remaining stains in a circular motion. Don’t worry if all the stains don’t come off as you'll be adding more and more over time Remember not to use soapy detergent or oil this will leave an unwanted odour or linger for a long time. So don’t clean the pizza stone with anything you won't be comfortable eating. Wipe with a damp cloth and it`s ready for the next use!


With care and treatment your new pizza stone will last for years and years.


Remember to allow your cordierite pizza stone to dry at room temperature make sure the stone is 100% dry before storing it away.

Good Pizza stone cleaning care set to avoid & prevent scratching for Cordierite

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